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When you create a poll, you must indicate when you want the poll to close, selecting from a range of between 1 and 30 days from the date of poll creation. For example, you may select a closing date that falls 7 days after the date the poll is created. After 7 days have elapsed, the poll will be automatically "closed" and no additional responses will be accepted.

In some cases, you may wish to close a poll before its scheduled closing date. For example, the poll might be scheduled to run for 3 more days, but you already have all of the responses you need. In this circumstance, you may use the feature below to immediately close the poll. The poll results will be available for an additional 7 days, but no new responses will be accepted.

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A poll is automatically deleted 7 days after its closing date. "Delete" means that the poll's meeting times and responses will be erased from our database. After a poll is deleted, you can no longer view its results, nor can participants submit responses.

In some cases, you may wish to delete a poll before its scheduled deletion date. For example, you may have decided to cancel a particular meeting or event, in which case the poll is no longer necessary. In this circumstance, you may use the feature below to immediately delete the poll.

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To respond to a poll, to modify responses that you submitted previously, or to view poll results, use the URL that was emailed to you by the author of the poll.
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You must email this link to poll participants. The link connects to a web page through which participants can enter their poll responses. The link can also be used to view poll results. Click on the link above to automatically copy it to your clipboard, after which you can paste it into an email.

Your poll is scheduled to close in days, at which point no new responses will be permitted. If you decide to close the poll at an earlier date, or if you decide to delete the poll entirely, you will require both the poll ID (the last 11 characters of the poll URL) and the poll termination code, as follows:

Please record these values because they will be needed in the event you wish to delete the poll or change the poll's closing date.